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AutoAuditorium System for Televising Presentations
AutoAuditorium Presentation at Government Video Expo 2002

Government Video Technology Expo 2002

This event took place on Wednesday, 4 December 2002.

Watch the video from that talk.

Michael Bianchi, founder of Foveal Systems LLC, will give a talk entitled

The Role of Automatic Video Production in Distance Education

at the Government Video Expo 2002 in Washington DC.  It will be presented as part of the Day 1 / Production Strategies Track held 12:30 - 2:00 on Wednesday, 4 December 2002.

Abstract of the talk

Using video for internal communications and distance education is often limited by the costs and complexities of traditional video production.  The totally automatic camera and editting techniques of the AutoAuditorium System create videos easily and inexpensively.  The AutoAuditorium environment is one that, once turned on, works entirely automatically.  Multi-camera videos of auditorium or classroom presentations are produced without any human control at all and no distractions.  The system reacts to the people on stage and the projected visuals in real time.  Audiences watching from a distance or in the future see the same program as those in the room.

Because making a video of a presentation is so easy and inexpensive the question changes from "can we afford to make this video?" to "what do we do with the videos we are creating?".  Some are only watched live.  Some, for a time, are placed into video-on-demand servers.  Some become part of a permanent collection.

The cost of equipping auditoriums or classrooms with the AutoAuditorium System is quickly recouped in many ways.  Some of the savings come from the lower production costs.  More comes from lower travel costs.  Non-financial benefits include more and better informed people, greater cross-organizational awareness, and longer organizational memory.

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