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AutoAuditorium System for Televising Presentations
Controller Specifications

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4 RU Rack Mount Controller AutoAuditorium Controller Hardware

The brain of an AutoAuditorium system is the Controller and the intelligence of the system is contained in the proprietary software programs that run on it. 

The system accepts inputs from (among other things) the video cameras in the room and uses image and motion analysis on those images to determine which actions to take.  Those actions include:


Video Input, Spotting Camera HD-SDI, HiDef formats
Video Input, Screen Camera HD-SDI, HiDef formats
Keyboard USB
Mouse USB
Control Interface USB
Tracking Camera Control Serial Port, RS-232/422
Video Mixer Control Serial Port, RS-232/422
Monitor Video HDMI or DVI
Optional Outputs
AC Power Control Dry Contact Contact Closure
Routing Switcher Control Serial Port
Voltage 120 Volts AC, 60 Hertz
Power 300 Watts, Typical
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 19 inch Rack Mount, 4 rack units high
17.31 inches W x 7 inches H x 17.70 inches D, plus handles and mounting flanges
Weight (approximately) 45 Pounds, 20.4 Kilograms
Operating Environment +32 to +131 degrees F, 0 to +55 degrees C


AC Power Cord
19 inch Rack Mount Control Panel, 1 rack unit high
Rack Slides for Controller Case
AC Power Control Interface, e.g. Middle Atlantic RLM-15-1CA

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